Selma CrossFit is an Elite Fitness buy essays online cheap Program for all ages, sizes, and fitness levels.

Selma CrossFit is located on 910 Landline Road in Selma, Al.  We specialize in group fitness, training and instruction.  The backgrounds of our clients are diverse, but their fitness needs differ only by degree, not kind.  We can train students, police officers, housewives, and grandparents (and also great-grandparents).



Regular gyms have mirrors – we don’t feel pull ups and push ups are pretty – so no mirrors.

Regular gyms have bicep curls and leg presses – we have squats and dead-lifts that you actually use in life.

Regular gyms train for looks – we train for life.

Regular gyms have 20 minute work outs in 2hours – we have 2 hour workouts in 20 minutes.


Stop by or call to schedule your first free workout and see what we have going on.  If you want results, fun, encouragement to improve in every way possible, 910 Fitness is for you.  

You will look forward to each new workout and learning new skills as you progress.