Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do it?

Absolutely, if you have the desire.

Will I be asked to do something I can’t?

Yes but I will scale your exercise as I have scaled mine so that you can do it.

Can I be Hurt?

Yes – if trained improperly.  CrossFit is a “sport” – any sport may have injuries.  We will make sure you are using the right technique prior to any resistance exercises.

Can you guarantee I will not be hurt?

The answer is yes.  Stay at home on the sofa.

Is it expensive? 

Not for what you get – Health and Fitness!!

How much time is needed?  

Depends on where you are in your fitness.

Will I “bulk” up? 

Only if that is what you desire.

Will I be sore?

Probably, but will go away.

Will I lose fat? 

Only if you eat less.

Will I increase bone density?


Will I increase muscle mass?

Yes,  only if  desired.

Will I feel better?  


What if I am not an athlete?  Is that necessary?

Yes.  An 80 year old athlete is stronger than a 30 year old non- athlete.  This is a fact.   YOU CHOOSE!

Suppose I can’t do it?

You can do it – Most people  could not do it either when they first began.

Am I too old?  

No!!!  I am 73 and I have seen people in their 90s doing CrossFit.